Strength Training For Children: Healthy Or Unhealthy Choice?

Recently, as an assignment for my study program (HBO Sports Management), I had to write an argument. This argument had to reflect my vision on a sports-social issue. I myself am very interested in everything related to strength training and nutrition . I have therefore chosen to write an argument about a topic within strength training. I soon came to the next topic: strength training for children . It is a subject that was unclear to me in advance and I think this also applies to many others. I have immersed myself in the scientific studies on strength training for children and based on that described my vision. Curious? Then read on quickly!

Strength Training For Children?

“Like everyone else, you sometimes take a look at your Facebook feed and see all kinds of nice videos. Until you suddenly see an 8-year-old boy pushing up and pulling up , you are very curious and click on the video. It turns out to be two Eastern European boys of 6 and 8 years old. They do exercises that are already very difficult for an average adult person to perform. Curious about the reactions of others, watch how they react to the video.

Apparently the people who respond are not that positive about the video. Reactions such as ‘he is strong now but will not grow later’ and ‘I don’t really know what to think about this’ come over. Because of all the negative reactions, you also start to have doubts about how responsible those exercises actually are for the children. You almost automatically form an opinion based on other people’s reactions. For example, as with many other subjects, a negative image is formed about strength training for children. But to what extent is this negative image justified? ”

It is disappointing that opinions are formed without a person actually having knowledge of a particular topic. This is also the case with the video mentioned in the introduction. This negative image can prevent the elderly from having their children do strength training. But is the negative image of strength training for children justified? Is weight training bad for the development of children? I also asked myself these questions and came to the following statement:

Every Child Should Do Strength Training

Before looking at the advantages and disadvantages of strength training for children, the definition of strength training is given. According to Van Dale’s dictionary, strength training is as follows: ‘training with weights to increase physical strength’ . Strength training is almost always done in a gym.