About Us

Franck’s Gym is a safe, friendly place to enjoy a complete workout no matter what your style.  We offer a wide assortment of free weights and machine weights, as well as cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent bicycles and more. We have a machine and a workout that fits your healthy lifestyle need. For your safety and convenience First Aid CPR Certified attendants staff our facility during operating hours and we also offer two on staff personal trainers available by appointment, and many other personal trainers contracted through our facility to assist you with any requests or inquiries you may have. At Franck’s Gym, we strive to make your workout experience a great one.

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The Place To Meet Your Goals


Franck’s Gym got its start in the middle 1970’s when weight training was just starting to get some attention for improving athletic performance. 600 square feet of the Franck’s family residence on Grand Ave was dedicated to purchasing, repairing, and making workout equipment. Friends and family took advantage of the set up, which soon became a popular spot for those serious about making physical and athletic improvements. For the mid 1970’s we were ahead of our time…


As interest grew in making athletic and physical improvements, so did the gym. The growth of the gym required a new location with more space, to accommodate the new equipment and new members. Franck’s Gym then left the family residence, and relocated to another residential building on 5th Street in Wausau called 5th Street Gym. It was at this new location that a business was truly born. Initial membership fees ranged from $5 to $10 a month. Members were given a key for the front door giving them 24/7 access. Everything was based on the honor system, and it worked. Other gyms were coming to Wausau during this transition period for Franck’s Gym, and the competition offered bigger, brighter, and fancier locations and equipment. However, bigger, better, and fancier equipment isn’t what makes a gym great. Franck’s is a local gym, run by local residents, that can provide an encouraging environment for its members at a reasonable price. The model of Franck’s Gym has stood the test of time and competition as it has remained a successful gym in Wausau for decades while competitors have left the area.


Franck’s Gym relocated again to 17th Avenue in Wausau. The new location allowed the size of the gym to triple. The expansion allowed for additional equipment, cardio machines, and new amenities like locker rooms, showers, and a small pro shop. It has always been a priority to give back to the loyal members who have supported our business throughout the years.


Franck’s Gym moved to another new location in 1999, to incorporate enough space to partner with Nature’s Kitchen Health Food Store. The new location at 4309 Stewart Avenue features over 15,000 square feet for all of the weight lifting and exercise fun to be had at Franck’s. Our catch phrase is ” Franck’s Gym, the Place to Meet Your Goals”, and we mean every word of it. Since beginning in my parent’s home, Frank’s Gym is truly a story of having a dream and goals, and to have the passion to work towards those dreams and goals.


Franck’s gym isn’t done growing yet. Tune into our website and social media to stay current with changes we may make to better serve you. Some amazing aspects we have added to our yearly schedule is the annual Customer Appreciation Day and annual Semi Truck Pull. Stop into Franck’s Gym to learn more about how you can get involved with Franck’s Gym today.